Temu Reaches 1-Year Milestone: 52 Million Users and PDD’s New E-Commerce Crown

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December 8, 2023

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Tradervoice on Temu

Understanding the chart:
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Briefly on the History of PDD Holdings Inc, and Temu

10 key Takeaways on PDD Holdings Inc.

  • Market Cap: $188.65 billion with an enterprise value of $155.10 billion.
  • Shares: 1.33 billion shares outstanding; 0% owned by insiders, 28.74% by institutions.
  • Valuation Ratios: Trailing PE ratio of 36.69, forward PE of 19.72, and PEG ratio of 0.71.
  • Financial Position: Debt-to-equity ratio of 0.12.
  • Return on Investment: ROE of 33.50%, ROIC of 20.78%, and ROA of 17.30%.
  • Taxes: Paid $1.31 billion in taxes, with an effective tax rate of 17.07%.
  • Stock Price Performance: Increased by 63.47% over the last 52 weeks, with a beta of 0.63 indicating lower than average market volatility.
  • Financial Performance: Revenue of $27.31 billion, net income of $6.35 billion, and EPS of $4.43 in the last 12 months.
  • Cash Position: $36.32 billion in cash, $2.77 billion in debt, net cash position of $33.55 billion.
  • Profitability Margins: Gross margin of 68.21%, operating margin of 23.29%, and profit margin of 23.27%.
  • PDD stock
  • PDD Holdings Inc
  • US CPI: (Consumer Price Index)
  • Dollar General: As an industry leader in the U.S. dollar store category, Dollar General directly competes with Temu, especially in discount retailing.
  • Five Below: Another significant player in the U.S. discount store market, with Temu capturing a notable portion of the market share at the expense of chains like Five Below.
  • Dollar Tree: Competes in the same discount retail space as Temu, offering a variety of low-cost products.
  • Alibaba: As a giant in the e-commerce sector, Alibaba is a direct competitor, especially in the Chinese market.
  • Shein: Known for its budget-friendly fashion offerings, Shein competes with Temu in the affordable apparel segment.
  • Amazon: A global e-commerce leader, Amazon competes with Temu and PDD Holdings in various product categories and marketplaces.
  • Walmart: Through its online and offline retail presence, Walmart competes in the discount retail and e-commerce space.
  • eBay: As an established online marketplace, eBay is a competitor in the e-commerce sector.

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Temu Reaches 1-Year Milestone: 52 Million Users and PDD’s New E-Commerce Crown

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